Renishaw Ballbar

1What is a ballbar measurement system?
A ballbar measurement system is a device that is used to assess the static and dynamic performance of machine tools. It does this by measuring the accuracy of the machine's positioning performance as it follows a programmed circular path.
2How does a ballbar measurement system work?
A ballbar measurement system consists of a ballbar sensor, two magnetic mounts, and software. The ballbar sensor is mounted between the machine table and the machine spindle or spindle housing. As the machine follows the programmed circular path, the ballbar sensor measures the minute variations in radius. This data is then sent to the software, which calculates overall measures of positioning accuracy (circularity, circular deviation) and generates a report that can be used to diagnose any problems with the machine.
3Benefits of using a ballbar measurement system
There are many benefits to using a ballbar measurement system, including: * Improved accuracy of machined parts * Reduced machine downtime, scrap, and inspection costs * Demonstrated compliance with machine performance and quality management standards * Implemented fact-based predictive maintenance
4Renishaw's QC20 ballbar measurement system
Renishaw's QC20 ballbar measurement system is the industry standard for quick, simple, and effective machine tool performance verification. It is easy to use and can be set up and running in minutes. The QC20 ballbar measurement system is also very accurate, with a repeatability of ±0.0005 mm.
5Renishaw's QC20 ballbar measurement system
Renishaw's QC20 ballbar measurement system is a wireless version ballbar measurement system convenience of wireless communication. Overall, Renishaw's ballbar measurement systems are a valuable tool for improving the performance of machine tools and other position-critical motion systems. They are easy to use, accurate, and reliable.