The Rotoclear solutions.

Discover our self-cleaning spinning windows and high-tech cameras.

The Rotoclear S3

Next Generation of Spinning Window for your CNC Machines

The Rotoclear S3 is a revolutionary new Spinning Window for your CNC Safety Door Windows that offers a number of advantages over traditional CNC door windows, including:

  • Continuous Visual Monitoring: The Rotoclear S3 allows for continuous visual monitoring of your CNC machine, making start-up much easier, faster, safer, and more efficient. This can help to minimize scrap costs and reduce the need for time-consuming cleaning.
  • Large Field of View Without Irritating Bar: The Rotoclear S3 has a unique patented drive concept that eliminates the need for a cable duct bar, providing a 360° view of the tool and workpiece.
  • Low Installation Height: The Rotoclear S3 has a low installation height of just 33.5 mm or 1”5/16 inch, making it easy to integrate into all conventional door systems on the market. And we offer also a retrofit to you existing Visiport Windows
  • Comply with All Standard Safety Requirements: Despite its streamlined design, the Rotoclear S3 complies with all standard safety requirements.


The Rotoclear C2

Leading camera system for machine interiors

With the Rotoclear C2, you can:

  • Optimize your machining processes by identifying and understanding the causes of errors.
  • Simplify process monitoring by viewing all machining processes from new perspectives, including the tool view.
  • Monitor manufacturing processes continuously in real time with high-resolution images and video.
  • Develop your own custom monitoring solutions using the Rotoclear C2 API.

The Rotoclear C2 is the perfect solution for any manufacturer who wants to improve their production efficiency and quality.


The Rotoclear C Basic


The cost-effective entry into camera observation: The Rotoclear C Basic is a basic camera system that allows you to observe your machining processes in high resolution on an HDMI monitor.

Rotoclear spare parts and accessories


The modular design of our products enables quick replacement of individual components and simple addition of further functions.