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Rotoclear Spinning Window

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Rotoclear® S3 provides a clear view of the production process even under the toughest milling conditions. The spinning window is an approved system to keep your inspection window clean and thus ensure continuous control of workflow. Rotoclear® S3 is suitable for all kinds of metal cutting machines such as turning centers, milling machines, including machining centers and test stands.



This device is generally attached to the inside of the machine tool door at eye level. The inspection window is fixed by means of a screw-hole circle or an adhesive flange is attached and fixed to the cover without perforation of the machine tool window. A two-component adhesive guarantees safe fixing. The bolt-on or gluing process can be carried out by untrained staff with maximum process reliability by means of a specifically developed mounting procedure. The installation can optionally be performed in original equipment manufacturing machines (OEM), or as a retrofit on processing equipment. For milling machines, we recommend using the bolt-on flange version (polycarbonate glass) whereas the adhesive version is appropriate for turning centers (laminated safety glass VSG).



A rotating disc flings off striking coolants and cuttings, whether water-soluble or water-insoluble. This enables the operator to always have a clear view of the processing area – safety according to safety instructions being guaranteed. Integrated air bleed keeps the system sealed and always operational. The self-governed control system of the direct drive motor supports initial operation and standard operation without the need for adjustments on the Rotoclear® S3. Overload safeties, emergency shut-off and soft restart are executed automatically and ensure constant operation.

Benefits of ROTOCLEAR®:

  • Worldwide lowest installation height (34 mm)
  • Maximum field of view based on revolutionary and patented drive concept
  • Unobtrusive design: form follows function
  • Dramatically reduced service and cleaning times: the rotating glass disc as a wear part can be changed in less than a minute without dismantling the entire device
  • Simple device installation either as the bolt-on or adhesive-mounted version
  • Maximum operational reliability by use of air bleed
  • Low power consumption by use of linear drive technology
  • High torque for toughest conditions


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