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Rotoclear camera

For a clear view from new perspectives

  • camera solution for toughest milling conditions
  • Recording in 4K & FullHD 60fps
  • Suitable for spindle and work area monitoring
  • HDMI, Ethernet, Wi-Fi, RTSP-Stream
  • Connection to two camera modules at up to 20m distance
  • Permanently clear view due to spinning window and integrated LED light
  • Flexible alignment and orientation sensor
  • Integrated online update feature
  • Multiple language support

Camera module with outstanding properties

Connect two camera modules to the control computer. Each module can be equipped with two different lenses.

The camera module offers a resolution of up to 4K with 60 frames per second. Alternatively, the image can also be transferred in FullHD.

Rotating disc gives you a clear view at all times.

Control computer - the 4K-all-in-one solution

The computer is equipped with an HDMI port to quickly and easily transfer an image from the inside of your machine tool. It is controlled - depending on the monitor - with simple touch gestures or by mouse.

At the same time the camera streams directly into your network. Thanks to the built-in web server, it is possible to view the stream platform-independently.

The RTSP protocol support allows easy integration into your existing monitoring system.

Record sensational videos to USB memory or directly to the network.

Rotor replacement

There are rough conditions in the machine tool. Despite its self-cleaning function, the disc requires occasional cleaning. Therefore it is necessary to have quick and easy access to the rotating disc.

Thanks to our patented concept that you already know from Rotoclear S3, you can replace the rotor in less than a minute by loosening a single screw.

In an emergency, for example when the pane is hit by a broken tool, the camera itself is protected by a safety pane directly in front of the lens.

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